Announcing the marriage of

Lauren & Jonathan

A joyful celebration of the love they've found
and all the happiness that awaits...

Our Story

Like any good story, this one begins once upon a time. (1987 to be exact.)

Lauren McCay Ritchie was born on April 11, 1987. Jonathan William Cutrell was born on December 29, 1988.

Lauren and Jonathan had remarkably similar lives in their early years. Each of their dads were in the Air Force, each of their moms were teachers, and each of them had an older sister.

While Jonathan was riding bikes and throwing footballs, Lauren was also doing boyish things, like playing with Ninja Turtles (which Jonathan thought was pronounced Ninjan Turtles).

Lauren graduated high school two years before Jonathan, and this is where things get (a little more) interesting. Both Lauren and Jonathan had their hearts set on attending Lee University.

Lauren got accepted and moved off to Tennessee in 2005. During Lauren's Sophomore year at Lee, Jonathan received a letter of acceptance from the very same university. You may think they were BOUND to meet come Fall Semester 2007... but alas, a twist! Missing her first likely opportunity to meet the man of her dreams, Lauren decided to leave and transfer to a school in Georgia, just as Jonathan was set to arrive.

Lauren transferred to Kennesaw State and moved to downtown Atlanta. Time passed. Lauren graduated. Jonathan graduated. Lauren stayed put in Atlanta, landing a full-time job as a designer in the big city.

She found the job, of all places, on Craigslist. (Spoiler: Missed Connections is NOT how Lauren and Jonathan met.)

Jonathan set out to obtain a masters degree. He applied to places all over the country - you probably know by now that he decided to become a Yellow Jacket (and, therefore, move to Atlanta).

Lauren and Jonathan paths nearly crossed numerous times throughout the years.

First at Lee - they had a plethora of mutual friends, and yet managed to missed each other by a hair.

Next in Atlanta - they drank coffee at the same coffee shops, ate at the same restaurants, even hung out with the same people, and went to the same concerts... of course, on opposite sides of the room. They even became friends on Facebook (considering all of their mutual friends), yet still didn’t connect.

In January, following a string of events involving a red light, the police, a train, and a missed court date, Jonathan wrote on Lauren's Facebook timeline.

Lauren recalled a message Jonathan had sent a few months before, remembered that she was impressed by the wit and composition, and decided to strike up a conversation with Jonathan.

The two immediately decided that it was finally time to (intentionally) cross paths, at the same place, at the same time. Good decision.

The relationship bloomed immediately... and they have seen each other happily ever[y day] after.

The Groom

I can't believe the day has come to share this moment with all of you. Every day, I am blown away by the blessings I have in my life here on earth. Lauren is at the top of this list, and each of you, my family and friends, are right behind her.

I hope and pray that I can show the love of Christ throughout the rest of my life, and that you will join Lauren and I on our journey, as we would love to join you on yours.

My hope for this wedding marks a moment in your lives that resounds and your hearts and minds forever, echoing the colors of peace and the sounds of God's love, leaving the taste of abundance and joy in its wake. Thank you all for being a part of my and my future wife's lives, both in the past, now, and in the future.

I love each of you dearly.


  • Dad (Best Man)
  • Christopher Garmon (Best Man)
  • Jamie Boudreaux
  • Taylor Jones
  • Jason Bolte
  • Nic McElveen
  • Will Lurie
  • Kody Dahl

The Bride

It's more than an honor to be able to be acquainted with each and every one of you. I want you to know how dear you are to me, and how closely I hold you all to my heart. Today I stand in humility and awe at the ultimate culmination of blessings I have been afforded.

I have the opportunity to share the remainder of my life entangled and entwined with Jonathan William Cutrell, a Godly man who loves me with all of his heart. We are embedded in a divine design to impact the world together, covered in a powerful love that can only be explained by the Creator of Heaven and Earth, and only broken by death.

I have been gifted a lifelong best friend, a protector, and a love. I'm overjoyed!

I'm excited and privileged to request your witness and accountability in this sacred bond, and I couldn't be more thankful for all of your support and love throughout my journey. I can't wait to share the pages, chapters, and epics to come with each of you.

I hope that this marriage will convey the love of Christ as loudly as it can, and that this wedding is a sweet reminder of the strength and power of the love in you. I love every one of you so very much!


  • Sarah Bolte
  • Katie McGlamery
  • Jess Hale
  • Faith Riley
  • Erin Hacker
  • Isabelle Slick
  • Janna McElveen

The Marriage Ceremony of

Lauren McCay Ritchie
Daughter of Jan and Ken Ritchie


Jonathan William Cutrell
Son of Jeff and Ruthie Cutrell

June 8, 2013
At Six O'Clock P.M.

Atlanta Contemporary Arts Center

535 Means Street Northwest Atlanta, GA 30318
Reception to follow at the same location
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